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TEMPLATE NO 1: For Senior Citizens /Retirees/Medically Compromised at the time of taking on the policy

There are several versions of the PPI claims letter on the internet. Most of them are templates that have been created with a range of options. This letter is specifically geared for senior citizens and they can use it to reclaim their PPI payments.

Before you start: A few tips

  • List lenders, vendors or banks that you have taken loans from and which charged you PPI payments.
  • Collect the address and telephone numbers of the banks/brokers/ lenders etc and make sure they are current.
  • Personalize the template provided below by copying it to a WORD doc or by downloading it and saving it.
  • Add the contact and telephone details to the areas that are highlighted in red.


[Your name and address]


[Name and address of company that you took the payment protection insurance]

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Account number: [Your account number]

This is in relation to the PPI policy that I took and I believe was mis-sold to me at the time of purchase. This policy is unfair and it was wrongly sold to me. I wish to reclaim my payments made on the policy and any other incidental fines, late fees and other payments I might have made on the policy. I also wish to be compensated for the loss of interest on my money.

The reason I feel that the purchase of the PPI policy was unfair is as follows:

[Delete the reasons that do not apply to you]

  • I was not aware that PPI was added to my [select from -[loan/credit card/credit card etc]]. I was not informed of it and I was not informed of the additional payments that I was making on the PPI policy.
  • The broker strongly advised me to take PPI policy as it was a precondition for the loan [select from - [loan/credit card/credit card etc].
  • The brokers also led to me believe that taking on the PPI policy would improve my chances of getting a [select from -[loan/credit card/credit card etc]. I was not offered a clear choice evenwhen I inquired about other available options.
  • I was not shown a clear breakdown of the payments that I would be making on the [select from -[loan/credit card/credit card etc].
  • I [select from - was/knew I was soon to be] [select from - unemployed/self-employed/retired/over the age limit] at the time of taking on the policy. I made your staff aware of this and they knew about it but I was still advised to take on the PPI policy.
  • The staff members and brokers did not ask about any medical conditions that I might have. I was not told that a few medical conditions were not included in the medical policy. I was not warned that having certain medical conditions would affect my payment process.

At the time of buying the policy, I was now made aware of the entire conditions of the PPI policy. If I had known about the financial details and conditions of the policy, I would not committed to it as it provides no benefit to a senior citizen or a retired citizen of my age.

For this reason, I demand a full repayment of all the money I spent on the policy along with any subsequent interest on these payments. I also demand a payback of any incidentals, fines and deposits that I may have paid you in relation to this policy. The current interest is applicable on my payments and I demand a payback of my money as I am retired and the policy was completely superfluous to my needs.

I expect a response to this matter along with a speedy repayment within the next 6-8 weeks.

Yours faithfully,

[Your signature]

[Your name]

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