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TEMPLATE NO 2: For the Self employed/ for part-timer workers

TEMPLATE NO 2: For the Self employed/ for part-timer workers


Please note that there are many websites that are offering several versions of the PPI claims letter for free downloads. As there are points that have to be noted in each template letter, please ensure that you read the letter carefully after personalizing it. Personalize the details on the letter accurately. After sending the letter, file a copy for your reference.


Before you start: A few tips

  • List lenders, vendors or banks that you have taken loans from and which charged you PPI payments.
  • Collect the address and telephone numbers of the banks/brokers/ lenders etc and make sure they are current.
  • Personalize the template provided below by copying it to a WORD doc or by downloading it and saving it.
  • Add the contact and telephone details to the areas that are highlighted in red.
  • Make separate letters for each bank for lender.


[Your name and address]


The Complaints Department

[Lender’s address]


Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref: [Your PPI policy number]

This is in reference to the £ [put amount here] –Select one from here- loan/credit card/store card] that I took from you, [Company Name/ Store Name/ Broker or Lender name] on [date].

At the time of purchase, I was told by the salesperson, that I would have to purchase a PPI or a Payment Protection Policy along with the £ [put amount here] –Select one from here- loan/credit card/store card]. I was told that taking on the PPI would improve my chances of getting the [Select one from here- loan/credit card/store card].

I was sold the policy by the following salesperson [Insert name] who did not inform me that the policy was optional, that it was not required at the time of purchase and that it did not cover certain conditions. I was at the time [Select one - self employed/ working part-time] and I did inform the salesperson of this fact. According to my accounting, I have now paid £ [put amount here] on a completely superfluous and unnecessary policy which I did not require.

I believe I was sold the policy wrongly. I did inform the salesperson that I [choose the one which applies to you - was self-employed/ working part-time/am a temporary worker] at the time of taking on the policy.

As a result, if I could not carry out my [choose the one which applies to you - loan/credit card/store card repayments], then this policy was not valid on me even after making the payments on the PPI policy.

This fact was not told to me at the time of taking on the policy and if I had known this, I would not have taken on the policy. This was a completely unessential and useless policy that was mis-sold to me.

[At this point, you may put in additional details about your work and any other relevant details which will help your claims process]

As I was mis-sold this policy, I demand that you payback the full amount that I have paid the company, along with any deposits, fees and incidentals that I have paid on the PPI policy that I have taken from you.

I also demand to be paid the full and current interest rate on the payments that I have made to you. I would also like to immediately and urgently cancel the policy based on the fact that it was mis-sold to me. The total amount that I have calculated comes up to £ [put amount here]

Please look into my complaint as quickly as possible or within the eight weeks allowed to you. Failing that the matter will be forwarded to the Financial Ombudsman.


Yours Faithfully

[Your signature]





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